OpenRefine contributor hang-out, 10th January

Hi all!

The next contributor hang-out is coming up! As a reminder, this is a space to share what you are working on, struggling with, wondering about - all welcome! It will be:

On: Tuesday 10th January, 15:00 UTC
At Launch Meeting - Zoom

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See you there!


I’ll probably be late but I’ll try to be there!

I’ll be there, so we’ll get to know each other a little more.

Any possibility of occasionally changing the time of that meeting? That’s 4 AM in New Zealand. I know we have 4 or 5 regular OpenRefine users here who’d love to take part in a regular forum.

It would make sense and it’s not the first time it’s requested! Now that this meeting seems to be better attended I was thinking of doubling the frequency with alternating times, so that it fits for more people.

Note that others are also free to organize more such meetings and announce them on the forum - I took this initiative but I definitely do not claim to have a monopoly on those!