OpenRefine contributors meetup, 31st March

Hi all!

The next contributor hang-out is coming up! As a reminder, this is a space to share what you are working on, struggling with, wondering about - all welcome! It will be:

On: 2023-03-31T06:00:00Z (this date should be displayed in your own timezone, click to check)

Reminder: you can see all the occurrences of this meeting (including the
link to the call) in this calendar.

You can also subscribe to it as an iCal / ICS calendar, with this URL.

See you there,



Hi @antonin_d , did I peradventure miss the call because it says 8am in my timezone but no one’s here

you missed by 1 hour. I also missed and in my calendar it showed 3-4pm but in reality it was 2-3pm and already occurred. :frowning:

Timezones are crazy.

It says 8am here and to think I’ve been up for 3 hours.

Any idea if it was recorded?

Oh no! It is likely due to daylight saving time: in my timezone, the time switched from 09:00 to 08:00.
The UTC remained stable.
I do not know how Discourse detects your timezone and I am not sure how to override that. In the future I’ll make sure I also include the UTC time in clear text so that people can also do the conversion on their side. Sorry about that!


That’s okay.

Thank you

By the way, if both the forum and Google Calendar show the event at 8am while it was at 7am for you, I would say it is likely that your browser is misconfigured and sending wrong timezone settings to the websites you visit, no? Are you getting this problem on any other website?

Oh. I think it’s my phone’s default browser then and no, I’m not getting the issue anywhere else.

Hi all, I missed the call too

Just saw the notice for meeting this morning.

I also missed the call :frowning_face:

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, there is no expectation that anyone in particular should be there, it’s really just a space to put faces / voices on usernames. If you want to avoid missing further meetings, I hope the calendar above is helpful.