Openrefine pause edit for wikidata edits but not for wikimedia edits

I tried to update information of a batch of image files that were already uploaded on wikimedia commons with OpenRefine. Specifically, currently the image files on their page on wikimedia commons, only have the 'Lisence' information; I want to add wikitext formating like: '== {{int:filedesc}} ==\n{{Artwork|wikidata=' + cells['qid'].value + ‘}}\n’ so that a 'Summary' section will appear on the page of the image file on wikimedia commons, showing relevant information of the respective wikidata item.

However, the terminal log kept showing '[..kibaseapi.ApiConnection] API warning [purge]: You've exceeded your rate limit. Please wait some time and try again.' from my first edit and none of the edits were completed. This is strange because when I use OpenRefine to add statements to batch of wikidata items, the process proceeds despite showing '[..baseapi.WbEditingAction] We are editing too fast. Pausing for 2 milliseconds.' I wonder why there is only appropriate rate control for editing items on wikidata but not on wikimedia commons.

Really appreciate advice and ideas of any kind! Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @AleFang,

Thanks for this report! Edits to Wikimedia Commons involve a bit more operations than on Wikidata, since separate API actions are required to upload the file (if any), edit the structured data and edit or update the wikitext. So it's not so surprising that we are running into a stricter rate-limiting than on Wikidata. The thresholds in use on both wikis might be different too.

I have opened an issue here:

I see! Thank you for your explanation Antonin. I just waited for some time and then it proceeded smoothly. Thank you again!