OpenRefine - Request for Quote

Hi team,

Citius Tech is a leading provider of consulting and digital technology to healthcare and life sciences companies. We are strategic partners to the leading payer, provider, MedTech and life sciences companies to drive innovation, business transformation and industry wide convergence. We deliver specialized solutions, services and products that enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Our current project requirement is to automate data quality testing as part of data integration pipeline for Healthcare domain projects. We are expecting early reply so we can know detailed aspects and technical specifications of OpenRefine that would help us in selection of best fit tool for implementing project requirements. The list of required parameters that we are looking for is provided in the attachment. You can provide your inputs in the sheet itself or you can also me know your feasible time so that we can connect over call and have a discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,

Rasika Satish Thakur

Evaluation Report_Template v1.4.xlsx (14.9 KB)


I am not aware of anyone feeling responsible for answering such requests, since they are rather unusual for an open source project.
OpenRefine is free software that you can evaluate on your side. If you have concrete suggestions of areas where the tool should improve to fit your needs, we are all ears.