Participating in Outreachy's December 2023 round

Outreachy is taking applications from OSS projects to participate in the December 2023 round of internships. The deadline is September 1st.

The OpenRefine project has funding to support interns (via our EOSS diversity & inclusion grant). We also offer a small compensation (1,500 USD) for mentors this round and I think it could be offered in the next round too.

Is anyone interested in mentoring in that round?


Hey Antonin,
Yes, I would be interested, can I know other criteria for becoming a mentor?

Oh, if it's possible I'd love to take apart too.

Hi both,

Great that you are interested!

The main requirement to serve as a mentor in Outreachy is to come up with a project proposal that interns can apply to. Outreachy has some guidelines about this. On top of those guidelines, I would say that it's important that you are able to carry out the proposed project yourself, significantly faster than the 3 months that are allocated to the intern for it. That ensures you are in a good position to guide the intern with no risk of getting stuck.

Given that you both are Outreachy interns at the moment, I would say that the next round would be a bit early for you to serve as a mentor: I think it would be better to give yourself some time to contribute to OpenRefine outside of the scope of your internship. There are two rounds a year so there will be more opportunities for sure!