Possible error in GREL documentation for cell reference

At the top of the GREL documentation ('Syntax' section) is a table that shows:

FirstName.cells | Access the cell in the column named “FirstName” of the current row

but I don't think this works. Doesn't it need to be cells.FirstName ?

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yeap. or if it's spaced. cells["First Name"]
See Expressions | OpenRefine

Yes the table has that (spaced) example.

So it is an error, yes? I'll submit to the github issues.

Why not just fix it with a PR on this
Click Link

Tap your e key to edit the file.
Make changes
Commit changes - top right (it will ask you to fork the repo and make a PR)
Create PR

Fixed. See Incorrect syntax used in GREL syntax example · Issue #344 · OpenRefine/openrefine.org · GitHub


:grin: Darn, you took all the fun away from @jquartel :grin:


Ha, no I'm very happy for others to be fixing the source :slight_smile: Thanks all!

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