Reordering text within a cell

how can I reorder text in a cell? I have many cells that are like thus "EJS Assembly {random digit number}"

I'd like "EJS {random digit number} Assembly"

So, finding the word Assembly in a cell and moving it to the end of that cell.

This is just one way, there are other ways that would work differently, depending on the tokenization or whitespace within your cells. Some other GREL expressions might use some Regex to help depending on your actual cell context structures.

Replace the word " Assembly" (notice the whitespace in front) with whatever word you need to detect and move.

cell original value:

EJS Assembly 123EF8A4


value.partition(" Assembly", true).join("") +
value.partition(" Assembly", false)[1]

cell new value:

EJS 123EF8A4 Assembly
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Thank you! Really appreciate it!