Question about expression dialog

What type of errors that when occurred the new column will be set to blank ? As if i made a syntax error it just pops up an alert.
And how the result of 'store error' option looks like?
I tried to look after the documentation but i found nothing.
Thanks in advance.

For instance, you could invoke the parseJson function on a string that isn't valid JSON: parseJson("{") should give you an error that can be stored.

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The 'on error' settings refer to an error in processing of the cell with the expression, not an error in the expression itself. So in the example below, there is an error when attepting to apply the expression to an an empty cell -- you have the option of leaving the new cell blank, storing the error message in the cell, or copying the original cell value into the new cell.


@jquartel I like your phrasing on this, John. Update our Docs with that!