Reconcile-csv, matching against a local data set

I’m trying to reconcile against a local data set via Reconcile-csv-0.1.2.jar as referred to by the user manual: Reconcile-csv - join dirty data - Open Knowledge Foundation Labs

I followed the instructions and seem to be able to run the program. I added the localhost:8000, but when I try to reconcile the following error pops up:

This is the error in the Power Shell:
"cannot invoke “String.length()” because “os” is null

I’m too inexperienced with working in the Power Shell and OpenRefine to know where to start with troubleshooting. My guess is it has to do with finding the right server (as the error suggests). We work with Office365 (mostly in the cloud) and I’m not sure if OpenRefine knows where to look for the server. Has anyone encountered this problem before or does anyone have a suggestion of how to reconcile against a local data set in another way?


Hi Pai,

afaik reconcile-csv was not maintained for several years, so receiving support for it is quite unlikely.

I would like to point you to csv-reconcile which is actively maintained and offers similiar features.

You might also check Reconcilliation not working - guess types query failed error where a question with similar context was asked.

Thanks! It makes sense now. I’ll look into csv-reconcile.

@PN_Dekkers sorry for the late answer. I am still using the Reconcile-csv application regularly without issue. Usually, errors come are triggered by invalid data in the CSV provided to reconcile-csv.

You should ensure that neither <Search Column> or <ID Column> are empty. Values in ` should be unique.