How can I reconcile from my own CSV file?

Looks like there isn’t any functional data reconciliation from my own file (CSV/Excel) etc. Is there any alternative or workaround?

Can I host a Json file in web application (for example with LAMP stack) and try to connect there?

@dqlearner the community released several local services to build your own reconciliation service. We listed them on the wiki here Reconcilable Data Sources · OpenRefine/OpenRefine Wiki · GitHub

Today CSV Reconcile is the most advanced csv reconciliation service. If you want to build your own server conciliator can be a good starting point.


Reconciling (matching) same or similar entities in general can have different ways of putting same entities together in close proximity to each other. Getting things close or next to each other then becomes the real task. There are various approaches.

Sometimes matching string similar or duplicate items in OpenRefine can be done with alternative ways depending on a users needs:

  1. Sort permanently on a column (clusters occur through natural alphabetical order)
  2. Use cross() to do lookups from one column to another column in the same project and joining with a separator such as 3 pipes |||
  3. Use deduplicate facet and export the facets contents
  4. based on string similarity and something our Clustering algorithms can help with.

thank you for the info. Still learning and hope to apply your approach.