Reconcile many values into single entity

I need to reconcile csv with authors. A common task. Column looks like that:

Александр Дюма
Александр  Дюма
Александр Дюма.
Дюма Александр
Дюма, Александр
Сельма Лагерлёф
Лагерлеф Сельма
Лагерлёф Сельма
Лагерлёф, Сельма
Сельма Лагерлеф

What I did first: applied clustering and reconciled produced unique names.
I've found out reconciliation result was not so good. I think it would be better if it would take into considerations not a single final unique name produced by clustering, but all known invariants of this name. Is it possible? How can it be done?
I can try joining all invariants into list into single column, but it doesn't seem right.
Original data structure is not important, I can transform it freely. Thanks in advance.
Also, if some effective technique exists for this common task which will make my original question irrelevant, feel free to share!

Hello Podbrushkin, an alternative would be to create a column for each alternative name and then reconcile each column using facets so as not to do the same reconciliation more than once. For example:

name alias1 alias2 alias3
Александр Дюма Alexandre Dumas Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie ...

The first reconciliation would be in the name column, after that activate the facet to only have the rows that were not reconciled, then reconcile the alias1 column and repeat the process as many times as necessary