Reconciling literature tables

This is not a technical question, but rather a question for best technique for a common task.
Reconciling an author by a single example of how his name could be written is hard. If we have multiple examples of how he is written, this can make reconciliation process more effective (I've asked if it's possible here). But if we have not only multiple forms of his name, but titles of some of his works also, can we use this information as well?

Yes, titles of works (like books or scientific articals can help, but they must be linked to the good property.

For multiple forms of the name, if they are reconciled to a system that handles aliases like Wikidata, the search will probably work. It depends on the database where you are looking.

Regards, Antoine

Works usually are presented not as properties, but as a separate entities. But sometimes there is a 'notable works' property for a person, maybe I've seen it in Wikidata and Library Of Congress.