Multiple values in one cell during reconcile

This is my first use of OpenRefine. I am using the GUI in the browser. I couldn't find an answer on this forum yet.

Some of my data include for example country of origin (from a report or a study). Sometimes, there are areas that doesn't fit reconciliation well (for exemple, a report on policies in France and the UK).

During reconciliation (with purpose of uploading it later on Wikidata), I have to choose (either France or the UK) and I wonder if there is a way to store both reconciled information in one cell (France and the UK).

Thank in advance for your help

Hi @mokas, unfortunately, a cell can only contain ONE reconciled value.
So you have to split each row in many rows your multiple value, but if you put the column at the start, you can use the record concept to keep them related.

Regards, Antoine

Welcome @mokas! Thanks for trying OpenRefine!

If the report "main subject" P921 is about the "policies" Q1156854 of 2 countries, you could use P1001 or P3005 as a qualifier, to point to France and UK, for a statement of P921 -> Q1156854

Or a reverse property that could be used (which I'm not sure which one would be more appropriate) perhaps one of the "applies to ..." properties.

This has an inherent Wikidata modeling question to it, so you might get further help on one of the Wikidata Project Talk pages related to Research, or ask on Wikidata Help channel in Telegram.

@mokas : just to make sure your situation is well understood, you have, in a column, cells with « France, United Kingdom », and such?

Regards, Antoine

Thanks for your quick answers ! I have a column "Region" where I have different categories that were reconciled as "Q82794" (regions of the world) where I have several options (wordlwide, EU) and sometimes 2 countries (i.e France & UK as given in my first example)

I am afraid I don't fully understand what you mean, by "qualifier to point to" and by "reverse property"
To make things clearer, the base itself is on policy recommandations, and these recommandations apply to specific regions of the world (for instance France & the UK in the given example)

K. So you could split values (are they comma separated?) the cells of that column into multiple rows. That way, each values would be in a single cell. Then, you reconcile every cells.

Regards, Antoine

yes, that is likely the best option if I want to reconcile all the data.
Thanks for your help !