Reconciliation API / data extension

When using the Reconciliation API for terms and then use the ‘Add columns from reconciled column Term’ I got a unexpected result.

As a term has one prefLabel, one scopeNote and multiple altLabels, the result now has rows filled with this altLabel, but other columns are empty.

I’m trying to determine if my expectations are wrong (I expected all altLabels in one cell, or all rows having cells with data?), OpenRefine is doing something wrong or the reconciliation service (specifically the data extension) needs tweaking (do the combining, or provide all data in each row?).

Well I guess this is an example for “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” =)

When reconciling OpenRefine will split multi-valued responses into a structure that is called “records” in OpenRefine: Exploring data | OpenRefine

When you switch to records mode (link named records on the top left), you will see that OpenRefine will group each record visually together.

If you want all values in one cell, you could use the Join multi-valued cells function to join them in one cell.

Please note that the results of a reconciliation request may also contain links to other entities.
OpenRefine will display the linked entities as “Reconciled values”, where you can further expand your data.

If OpenRefine would join the multi valued responses together in one field, this information would get lost.

So I think it is a sensible default, to use the records mode in OpenRefine to handle multi-values responses.