Reconciliation with Geonames not working

Hello everyone,
I need to compare my museums data against a normed Vocabulary. Most of the reconciliation services I tried to use work perfectly, but I always get an error trying to use the Geonames API-service to reconcile my data.
I used the recomended Link from the Reconciliation Service Testbench (Reconciliation service test bench) but I always get the error “Guess Types query failed error : HTTP error 404 : Not Found for URL /geonames-openrefine/reconcile”
Other Services are working just fine.
I also tried to start the service locally by following the instructions given here GitHub - cmharlow/geonames-reconcile: GeoNames Reconciliation Service for OpenRefine/LODRefine/Google Refine but it won’t work either.
Does it maybe have something to do with my institutions proxy-server? Before I figured that out, reconciliation didn’t want to work at all.
I apreachiate any help I can get, thank you so much in advance.

I’m afraid that server is known not to work.

Oh no, that doesn’t sound very good for my task… I was hoping it is an error on my site.
But is the server still maintained?

I’m not sure but it hasn’t been working with OpenRefine for quite a while and I think it only supported locations in the Netherlands.

There is another one at:

But it’s tuned for Swedish so it might not work as well.

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The other server seems to be working! Thank you so much for your help.
A was really bumped after trying so many options for the last days and nothing seemed to be working. Hopefully this one will keep on working for some more time :slight_smile:

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