Releasing 3.7-beta1

I have proposed that a while ago but I got distracted by other things, so let’s get the ball rolling on this again: should we do a 3.7-beta1 release?

On my side, I would be keen to include the extension point for cell rendering:

Are there other pending changes you would like to include, or critical issues that should be fixed before any release?

I’m unlikely to work on #5360, however, if someone figures out what’s going on with the interfaces-issue there isn’t much more work needed.

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Good idea. I’m using the latest version of the reconciliation service you originated (NFDI4Culture / TA1 data enrichment / OpenRefine Wikibase · GitLab) and it only works on 3.7 (at least when reconciling against So that’s a good reason to get the beta out there.

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Looks like there isn’t anything in the way anymore, then.
I will make the release in a few days (sadly I did not write the changelog as PRs were merged so I will first have to catch up on that).