Releasing 3.8.0

I propose we release 3.8.0 soon. So far we have the following changes:

I would also add a follow-up CSS clean-up as suggested by @tfmorris here: Issue 6353 implement Windows ordering buttons ("OK" / "Cancel") by zyadtaha · Pull Request #6482 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub

Are you aware of anything else that should go into such a release?

@Martin suggested we try to include support for advertising the survey and other events as well.
I have opened a PR for that here:

The CSS clean-up mentioned above ended up being more benign than I was expecting, so I would say it's not so critical to ship it in that release:

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I think it would also be worth including this:

Since it would be useful to @apo for Debian packaging.
Maybe we should do another beta then, as it's quite some new changes which will not have been tested much in master. Should we make a "3.8-beta2" then?

Due to some publishing issues, the 3.8-beta2 became 3.8-beta5.

I would add Switch release notification to and display other events by wetneb · Pull Request #6511 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub and release 3.8.0 next week unless there are concerns.