Reproducibility project: July report

Here is a summary of what I have been working on in the past month in the scope of the reproducibility project. My time on this project was reduced this month because I took some holidays, my Outreachy mentoring took more time than expected and general project coordination was also quite time consuming.

My work on the reproducibility project was focused on documenting the changes at a higher level. I found that writing this documentation from scratch is not so easy, because it's hard to find the right level of detail. One approach that worked better was to do this documentation process alongside another one: working on migrating extensions to the new architecture. By following this process myself for a few extensions, I could be faced with the changes that are actually required from extension developers. Because our extension points are actually quite broad and let extensions interact with a lot of aspects of the tool, I have the impression that this is actually a good way to document the architectural changes on their own (without being specific to extensions). This was also a good opportunity to keep doing more testing and bug fixes.

Coordination work progressed, with a lot of discussions on the hiring of the designer, which I hope can start soon now.

August will probably be quite quiet too, with more holidays and the last stretch of this Outreachy period. But I hope to find the space to delve into reworking the git history of the 4.0 branch to come up with logical steps that can be more easily reviewed by @tfmorris and @abbe98 who have expressed interest in that.