"Search" or "Remove" opened projects in the Open Project tab

As the list of my opened projects under the Open Project tab grows, I would like to have ways of managing it by searching for a previously opened project to open it again or removing all/one among others.
In my case, when I opened 2 projects for cell.cross, OpenRefine complained in the middle of import operation that 2 projects with the same name exist. When looked closely, I realized that the duplicate project name was actually listed under the Open Project tab and removing it from that list resolved the issue.
Therefore, it would be great if 2 filters, namely "Search" and "Remove", can be implemented in that Open Project tab, if possible.

Hi @Erfanesi sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, hopefully this should land soon as a new feature! We have been often asked for this feature enhancement. The original problem was described in

And we have been actively working on it most recently (we had other priorities in past 2 years, sorry!)

But now, Take a look at the screenshots where we are actively working on it in this Pull Request (PR). Just click to see the PR and scroll down your browser


More generally, the issue tracker is the place to look to see if the feature enhancement that you are interested in has already been requested and add your vote (thumbs up) for it or, if you don't find it, add a new request for the feature. Ditto for bugs.


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Great! Thanks @thudguidry and @tfmorris for the comprehensive reply!