Saved projects disappeared in Edge browser

I have an issue with opening saved projects with an Edge (version 108.0.1462.54 64bit) browser. “Open project” page is empty, no saved projects are shown any more. This issue started just one morning when I started OpenRefine. Last day everything was OK. Starting OpenRefin in Edge browser shows no errors at all and everything seems to load successfully.
But with Firefox browser I can see all my projects and work with them. Issue is only with Edge (and Chrome) browser. Do you have any idea, why with chromium browser my projects suddenly disappeared?

Hi @Mrtn and welcome

Which version of OpenRefine are you using?
And have you installed any extensions?

I’ve seen issues where a particular extension causes problems with a browser (Safari in my case) but other browsers work fine - and projects not displaying seems to be a common symptom of problems with an extension.


I do not have any extensions installed and I didn’t install/update anything between the time it was displaying the projects and when the issue occurred. Actually it has happened before but then I started my projects from scratch.
I used OpenRefine 3.5.2 when this happended and now I have updated to version 3.6.2. Issue remains.