Seeking Assistance with Reconciliation Dialog Feature Redesign

Hello ,

I am seeking assistance from anyone who is familiar with the reconciliation feature of OpenRefine to help me gain a better understanding of its purpose and functionality as I embark on a project to redesign the reconciliation dialog.

If you have experience with the this feature or are passionate about improving this aspect of the tool, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have a chat with you between Monday - Wednesday ( 4th - 6th Sept ).

Whether through a virtual meeting, discussion, or any other form of communication that suits you, your insights and knowledge will be invaluable to this project.

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I recently cleaned up a big spreadsheet! Email my work address if you'd like to set up a time on Tuesday or Wednesday:


Right. Thank you so much
I'll send an email in the following days

Hi @Lydiaofficial I’m quite familiar with the reconciliation process and although I don’t have any projects right now that require it, I have worked with it extensively in the past.

I’d be happy to chat, although Monday-Wednesday next week is quite busy for me. Would any other days work for you? Maybe Wednesday 13th or Friday 15th?

I’ll DM you my email

Best wishes



Thank you, Owen. Surely we can do Wednesday the 13th. Your YouTube videos on the feature have been quite helpful too :blush:

Hi Lydia,

I'm also familiar with reconciliation and available this week (just not today) for a virtual meeting.


Thank you, Nicholas. I'll send an email to find out what time is best to meet and schedule a call before the end of the week.

I'm not particularly technically proficient, but if you want a general user who's done a lot of reconciliation with various services over the years, I would be happy to provide feedback. I have scattered meetings next week, but if I can attend I will.


Hi Lydia, I'm late to the party but I can send you some written input via any channel you prefer. Feel free to DM or email me.

I currently use non-Wikibase/non-Wikimedia reconciliation services for a client (national museum) and have tried a lot of them. While teaching OpenRefine to very diverse audiences I also see what areas need lots of explanation and where users struggle in general.

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