Working group for reconciliation user interfaces

Hi :wave: At the BarCamp in Berlin we agreed to set up WG for reconciliation user interfaces. We did not yet agree on the practices, and I would like to invite the initial team @lozanaross @mack-v and @thadguidry to agree on how the work will be organized.

I have myself created two screens (as braindumps). One is for reconciliation settings and the second one is for a multimodal dashboard that combines a selection of views (property comparison, map interface, timeline, website preview, recon settings) to make judgements about the items to reconcile. I can imagine the tool being tapped into many different environments, taking tabular data as input. So it could be possible to develop it without too many strings attached, and serving other environments as well.

I am hesitant to share the screens publicly at this point before we agree on our working environments and other constraints.

Let's continue discussion!

Cheers, Susanna