SSL configuration for OpenRefine


I was wondering if it is possible to configure OpenRefine to work with SSL natively, or if we always have to use a proxy up front.

I’ve read up on SSL in Jetty, but could find no easy way to configure it for OpenRefine. It looks like you could edit some files directly, but that solution wouldn’t be portable, e.g. if deploying with Docker.

Is this something which can be done, but isn’t documented much, or I should open a feature request?

Radostin Nanov | Ontotext

Hi Radostin, welcome to the forum!

Generally speaking, hosting OpenRefine (running it on a different machine than the one it is accessed from) is not officially supported, for instance because we do not have any form of authentication or user management in place. It does not mean people do not do it anyway, for sure. So I would say a proxy is probably the way to go.

That being said, if there are small changes that would make configuring SSL easier, it is worth considering them. I do not think it can be meaningfully used in a local setup but I think it is totally worth addressing one of the many hurdles towards supporting hosted use cases officially.