Table Formatting


Thank you for your responses, I hope this topic will help me.

I need to format the data in Table 1 according to the template in Table 2 while preserving the data from Table 1. Is there any way to automate this, or will I have to manually transfer the data?

Can you give an example of what the table 1 and table 2 look like? It's hard to answer this without a clear example of how the data is or could be structured

sure! here is the table1


Thanks @Aleksandr_Izmailov . Given a full row of data in Table 1, how would that map to Table 2? I mean, where would (for example) the "Email" from Table 1 go in Table 2? Would several columns from Table 1 be used to populate a single column in Table 2?

Thank you for your concern! I have already done it. Maybe not perfectly, but the result is satisfactory and achieved.A person familiar with Excel formulas helped.