Teaching the use of OpenRefine with GIS data

At the recent OpenRefine barcamp the issue of using OpenRefine with GIS data came up multiple times. By coincidence in the "Carpentries" discussion on OpenRefine lessons that happened on Wednesday 19th June straight after the barcamp, one of the participants also mentioned they worked with GIS data mainly, and it triggered a though for me that some training or teaching materials for using OpenRefine with GIS would be useful.

Is anyone aware of any existing material?
Those who use OpenRefine for GIS regularly:

  • What would the key things you'd hope to see covered in training ?
  • Are there any good open data sets that could form the basis of some training?


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Not exactly the same thing, but there's https://github.com/StanfordGeospatialCenter/Tutorial-Geocoding-APIs

The Stanford Geospatial Center might be a good audience to solicit additional input from.



Ricardo McClees-Funinan, who works as a Physical Scientist with USGS, gave a lesson (or has lessons) during the 2021 Community for Data Integration (CDI) Workshop.

He would be a fantastic resource to have a meeting with and learn from!

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