Templating - Removing quotation marks in bulk from final output

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to using Open Refine. I'm currently using the templating feature to transform data on a spreadsheet into an xml file that is structured according to the PBCore schema.

My question relates to the values of the final output and whether it is possible to remove the quotations ("") in bulk. For example, is it possible to remove the quotation marks from every value (e.g., "cpomcp_001167") within the element pbcoreIdentifier?

The photo I provided shows two rows from the spreadsheet being transformed, but eventually I'll transforming 50+ rows at a time. It would be a painstaking task to have to delete the quotations from every single element in a record.

Is it possible to remove the quotations using Open Refine, or does anyone have experience using other platforms?

jsonize() is the GREL function that performs the actual quoting (to keep as literal values for better data exchange).
But if you don't need or care about literal values, you can remove the jsonize() wrapping, so that the template uses the cells value directly.

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