Update/override existing wikitext on Wikimedia Commons

I uploaded several images on Wikimedia Commons. I discovered there was a small typo in the wikitext, and I'd like to re-upload only the correct wikitext.

I created a schema and it seems that there is this possibility by checking the override existing wikitext button (see the screenshot).

No issues are reported, and the preview looks fine.
Also when i click upload edits to wikibase it doesn't report any error.

However, no edits are actually done on Wikimedia Commons.

Am I missing something?

I have just had this kind of issue, that happened to me before as well, and I detected a [assertuserfailed] message in the console, so it seems the login was preventing me from uploading.

I realized that I had a MediaWiki tab open in the web browser where I was logged in long ago. I think it was corrupt by now. I signed out, closed the tab, and logged in again on OpenRefine's upload prompt. Could be something along these lines?