Updating the name of the Development cateogory

Dear all,

I am writing here with a proposal to update the name of the category to “Development & Design” with the goal to make it explicitly more welcoming also for design contributions. Although designers are mentioned as target audience in the description of the category, and there is a design proposals sub-category - at a first glance, the Forum structure lacks a clear “landing space” for designers. As the goal of one of our current Outreachy internships is to increase engagement from designers, we would like to make the Dev category a bit more open. You can read the full discussion here: Adding a Design category

Since this is the category most used by developers in the community, we want to make sure you are all happy with this change, too. To be clear - nothing about how you engage with topics here will change, it’s just a name change that will be most visible on the landing page of the Forum.

If you’re in favor of this update please add thumbs up to this post. If you have counter-arguments, please add them in a comment below. Thanks in advance!

If you’re in favor of this update please add thumbs up to this post.


I think there is a clear consensus so I made the change. Thanks for proposing it!

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Wonderful - thanks a lot! Let’s see how it goes and I hope this brings more visibility to @Lydiaofficial’s design community engagement work and research.

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I think it would be great to have more interaction between @Lydiaofficial and the rest of the project during the internship. Especially given that her participation during the contribution period was incredible!

I understand that the tasks you both are working on are perhaps a little abstract and not so easy to engage with for others but just some quick updates about how the internship is going (for instance advertising the blog posts prompted by Outreachy) could be great already!

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Oh I certainly would love to be active again in the forum and share some updates with everyone.

Also, I’ll be publishing a blog post from Week 2’s research of workflows for design contributions and collaboration in open source today will share here once I do that. Especially as it’s the reason we are having a more inclusive forum for both designers and developers.

@Martin can you also create the "design chat" tag, as discussed in the other forum thread, so @Lydiaofficial can tag her posts. Thanks!

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Here it is : Topics tagged design-chat :tada:

I had to tag at least one topic to create the tag.


Please do, I am looking forward reading your update.