Video: Intro to OpenRefine for Data Cleaning and Reconciliation (Martin Magdinier)

This 1-hour video presents the following:

  1. About OpenRefine (purpose, its user base, and its historical evolution)
  2. Demo (installation, filtering, etc)
  3. Community (contributing, avenues for contribution, documentation)

OpenRefine stands as a robust, open-source tool specifically tailored for those delving into the complex world of messy data. It is designed to not only cleanse such data but also to transform it, making it easier to convert between varying formats.

The talk will unfold in three primary segments. The first portion provides a comprehensive introduction to OpenRefine, exploring its purpose, its user base, and its historical evolution. Following this, attendees will embark on a tour of OpenRefine, familiarizing themselves with its download and installation processes, the intricacies of data import, the nuances of filtering and faceting, clustering, as well as vital data cleaning techniques, and the application of reconciliation services. Finally, the session culminates in an invitation to participants to join the OpenRefine community, shedding light on various avenues through which they can contribute – be it through coding, design, translation, documentation enhancement, or user support.

About the Speaker

Martin Magdinier is OpenRefine Project Manager and core contributor since 2013.