Why do I get mail from a Category I'm not tracking?

How come I get mail updates from Development & Design if the only Topic I'm tracking is News and Announcements?

The Tracking also automatically tracks "after 5 minutes" of entering a Topic.
Unless you changed that under your Preferences -> + Tracking
Under the + Tracking, you can also click on any blue colored "Show" links to see if you might have some still Tracked (subscribed?).
If so, and also under Watched, you can click on the boxes "x" icon to unselect them.

Notice where I've circled in green color:

Oh, and the difference between Watched and Tracked?
Watched - you will be notified via your notification preferences (email, within browser client, etc.) and also counts shown in the web UI under your profile.
Tracked - you will NOT be notified, but instead, only counts show in the web UI under your profile.

Thanks. A couple of these settings I didn't know before, I hope I found the right ones now.