Wikidata error in Schema

Hi folks, hoping you can help. I'm running through the Wikidata tutorials, and I'm getting an error thrown up while following the Inverse listeria tutorial, hoping that someone can help.

When I do the schema, I get the following error:

"Wikimedia import URL (P4656) statements with invalid format.
Values for this property are expected to match the regular expression (?:https?://)(?:www.)?((?, which is not the case for added on Caracas Metro (Q1363954)."

As well as:
"Unit missing for patronage (P3872) Values such as 358000000 on Caracas Metro (Q1363954) are expected to have units."

I'm not particularly familiar with regular expressions, but after asking a friend who knows more than me it appears that perhaps it might be something to do with the regular expression. (On the second error, as far as I can see, "units" is optional, but it's still throwing up the error.)

Additionally, and I don't know if it's related, but the code block around the regex in the screengrab below extends to the end of the line, rather than to the end of the regex:

Any ideas or advice welcome!