Add new labels…

How come I can't add labels?

Could I be granted this power? Where is sudo create label

Regards, Antoine

@Antoine2711 can you clarify what you mean by labels and expand on your use case? Are you referring to the project metadata label on the homepage or is it something else?

I'm refering to labels here in the forum. They seem to have creation restricted, and some useful ones aren't there.

Lower right of this picture:

Regards, Antoine

@Antoine2711 I've tweaked the settings that make it possible for trusted users to add new labels and made sure you are in the list of trusted users - can you try again?


But, this is weird, I now get this message:

Regards, Antoine

Yes, I can now create labels. I will try to do/use the same labels as we have in GH.

Regards, Antoine

@ostephens thanks for looking into it
@Antoine2711 thanks for helping structure the discussion on the forum. Please note that some label already have some meaning like the design-chat

@Martin: you are welcome.
Is there a document that list and explains those labels?

Me, I would tend to use the same as in GitHub, as their meaning is already clear and defined.

Regards, Antoine

@Antoine2711 see this discussion Cleaning up our GitHub issue labels - #27 by lozanaross and the Google Document listing all the GitHub labels.

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