Algolia configuration for searching website

Hi @antonin_d ,

I'm setting up Algolia for
but have been having problems with it working.
It seems to be indexing just fine.
But we don't see results being returned when using the search box on the site.
The API key and Index name are correct in our Docusaurus config.
Someone said on Algolia Discord help that it might be Facet Filters?

Do we have something special in the Algolia dashboard config and crawler for OpenRefine?
Would be nice to see that or document it somehow?

Fixed !

Had to manually type in the attributes for Faceting on their Index Configuration page.
No idea why it wasn't setting them up automatically when creating the new Index, all the other settings would get applied however.

Doublechecked with their config template here for Docusaurus v3

After simply typing into that config page those 5 attributes... the search worked (and no longer filtered out responses!)