April 25th, 2024, Advisory Committee Only


  • Julie Faure Lacroix - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Aneli - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager



Registration status: 14 registrations for the on-site event and 6 for remote participation. We are still expecting more people to register.

Catering: Antonin made a suggestion in Book catering · Issue #5 · OpenRefine/BarCamp2024 · GitHub

Remote Attendance. Teuchtig audio and video systems are not sufficient for a good hybrid event. The group discussed the best way to procure the necessary hardware. Antonin summarized the conversation in Prepare video set-up for remote attendance · Issue #6 · OpenRefine/BarCamp2024 · GitHub

We will need one person for each session to ensure good communication between the on-site participants and the remote attendees.


  • Martin will submit his session proposal this week
  • We will need to validate if Bocoup want to run a session.
  • Few days before the event, we will notify all participants to submit their sessions and vote on existing ones. We want to set a deadline for participants to submit their sessions.


The draft survey is available here 2024 OpenRefine Usage Survey Questions

The group discussed the usage and questions we want to seed in all our ideas platform. The conversation summary is available here:

Mission Vision project

Bocoup conducted the first interview with Martin. They shared their timeline for the rest of the project. We shared it with the community here:

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