May 23rd, 2024, Advisory Committee Only


  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Esther Jackson - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Julie Faure Lacroix - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager



We did a review of the logistic progress regarding the BarCamp


  • We will accept any remote attendees who register for the event.
  • Attendees need to register to have access to the Zoom link



We created a list of things we will need to get before the event. See Gather furniture / accessories required for sessions · Issue #12 · OpenRefine/BarCamp2024 · GitHub for more details

Antonin purchased a microphone and camera. See Prepare video set-up for remote attendance · Issue #6 · OpenRefine/BarCamp2024 · GitHub for more details

Session planning

After discussing, the group agreed that it would be easier to schedule the session as a group on Monday, June 17, before the event instead of preparing the schedule asynchronously beforehand. We think that having a live planning session (with both in-person and remote attendees) will allow for spontaneous proposals and help refine the scope of the suggested proposition.

Remote participation

Esther will propose something for remote attendees to also have a social activity.

Mission/Vision project

Bocoup is making progress doing contributor interviews.


Martin reopened the conversation on the forum

We still need to balance length vs what users do and want. Martin is scheduling a community call on Tuesday, May 28th.

Grant Status and Budget

The openRefine proposition for the Data Empowerment Fund was not selected.

We haven’t made any progress on Code for Science and Society fiscal year 2025 budget.


Need to coordinate with Code for Science and Society to receive the stipend from Google Summer of Code.