Autofill fields in column depending value in other column

From column which contains titles or functions, i need to recognize key words or regular expressions allowing me to fill for each line 3 columns, each containing part of the information.

Example if in the title field I find director, then the Position column I must indicate Director

If it seems to be feasible, how to welldone ?
Thansk a lot

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J'ai un colonne qui contient des titres ou fonctions
Je dois reconnaître des mots clés ou expressions régulières permettant de remplir pour chaque ligne 3 colonnes contenant chacune une partie des informations.
Exemple si dans le champ titre je trouve directeur, alors la colonne Position je dois indiquer Directeur

Hello and welcome @Renaud_Laurent - sorry for the delay in replying.

There are a few ways of doing this in OpenRefine. I would say the simplest is as follows (using your title/position example)

In the "Title" column choose Text filter
In the text filter add the keyword or the regular expression (checking the "regular expression" box if using a regular expression)
The project should now only display rows that contain the keyword/expression you have entered
In the "Position" column do "Edit cells" -> "Transform" and then in the expression window enter


or if you want to add to an existing value in the position column perhaps:

value + ", Director"

or something similar

Hope this makes sense