Call for proposals - Open Repositories 2023

This conference looks like a great fit for an OpenRefine workshop, also because it takes place in South Africa, where more outreach is absolutely welcome!. I will not propose a session there myself, but I’d warmly encourage others to step up! Any takers?

Hi Sandra and community,

Thanks for the invitation to join the forum!

I am about 90 minutes’ drive from Stellenbosch and could perhaps work with the local Carpentries community to submit an OpenRefine workshop proposal to the conference? It may also tie in nicely with the work we’re doing through DH-IGNITE/ESCALATOR ( and

If anyone here would like to contribute or collaborate, let’s discuss? Alternatively, I’ll start working on a proposal with my team in the week of 12 December to complete early January - applications are due by 15 January.

Let me know if anyone wants to contribute/collaborate?

Kind regards,