OpenRefine presence at Wikimania 2024

Wikimania is the main annual conference of the Wikimedia movement, with which OpenRefine has strong ties. This year it will happen in Katowice, Poland, 7-10th August.

I thought we could try to coordinate OpenRefine's presence there here. Who plans to attend? Does anyone plan to organize any workshop, talk, meetup or anything else related to OpenRefine? Maybe there are opportunities to team up on such efforts, too.

Let's ping some of the usual suspects! @Susanna_Anas @Nicolas_VIGNERON @nikki @Antoine2711 @Sandra @Ainali @envlh (apologies to anyone I missed!)


I will attend and would happily participate in an OpenRefine activity (or several). If nothing else, we should do an informal meetup in some of the evenings. Some years there is also an opportunity for booths/tables. If they offer it this year, do we want to organize one for both PR and as a quick helpdesk?

Both ideas sound really great! I haven't made up my mind about attending, but if I am around I would definitely help out there.

I should be there.
I'll be happy to participate in any activities, in particular a meetup and I could help at a booth (and during the hackathon ?).
Maybe a poster could be a good idea too (what is OpenRefine, where it's going, etc.).

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I'm not sure if I'll be there or not. If I am, I will enthusiastically participate/help out/whatever with OpenRefine related activities.

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