Connecting OpenRefine to a Wikibase instance

We would like to connect OpenRefine to our Wikibase instance ( so that we can migrate large amounts of data from an existing spreadsheet.

We understand from this webpage (Connecting OpenRefine to a Wikibase instance | OpenRefine) that we need to first create a manifest, which provides some metadata and links required for the integration to work

We also understand that a manifest is a JSON object describing all the configuration details needed for the integration

However, we are not sure what our site iri, property constraint pid, media wiki api… (the list goes on) are, what they mean, and where we can retrieve these data. This is due to our lack of programming knowledge and expertise.

We would like to find out if we could obtain some advice to creating a manifest. Thank you!

Hi @liqi,
Welcome to the forum!
Before writing a manifest, you need to have a reconciliation service for your Wikibase instance, as explained in the “Requirements” section of the page you linked:

Does offer a reconciliation service for the Wikibase instances it hosts? If not, it could be worth requesting this from them.