Is still working?

I found this web ( quite interesting, for all the resources available. However, the url to use as reconciling point to wikidata triggers an error within openrefine:

manifest should have required property 'version'

Is this still working?

Hi Robert,

Let’s first double-check: are you trying to add this as a reconciliation service? (It is not, itself, a Wikibase manifest, so you should not try to add it via the “Manage Wikibases” menu).

Then, are you using the correct URL to add this reconciliation service?
As the webpage says:

Use the following URL in OpenRefine:


Hi @antonin_d,

I’m using it in the “Select Wikibase instance” > “Add wikibase”. And yes, I’m using the right url.

I’m a bit confused, then. If this is a reconciliation service, but cannot be used in the wikibase management menus, how is it supposed to be used? Where is it supposed to be used in OpenRefine?


This reconciliation service is supposed to be added in the “Reconcile → Start reconciling → Add standard service” menu.

The menu you are using is meant to let you add a Wikibase instance. Reconciliation services and Wikibase instances are two different things: a Wikibase instance normally comes with an associated reconciliation service, but reconciliation services can be used outside of the Wikibase ecosystem too.

I am sure this will become clearer as you learn to use OpenRefine. Hopefully our documentation can help too: