Contribution phase: instructions for developer applicants

also i would seek guidance upon how to check if the changes i made are correct or not according to the problem?do i have to use cypress tests as mentioned in the documentation,i tried to run my code in vscode and that worked prefectly.

Hi @Ayushi_Rai, you need to create a fork of the repository under your own account and then point your git clone to that fork (by adding it as a “remote”). See those resources:

thanku so much,got this and made a pull request.

@antonin_d Hi Antonin, can I use update refine script to fail on mvn compile failure by S1Y333 · Pull Request #5720 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub this as my contribution? If so, can you please provide some suggestions on my project timeline? Thanks so much!

@abbe98 Hi Albin, are you the mentor for the Improve OpenRefine Reconciliation project?
Do you have any suggestions for the final application? Thank you!

@sylviazzzz yes you can link to this pull request as your contribution for Outreachy.
If you are applying for the reconciliation improvement project then you can indeed coordinate with @abbe98 about the timeline.

Regarding the timeline, I would find a self assessment based on your experience so far and the suggested project issues very valuable at this stage. Such a self assessment could for now also help you identify parts of the codebase you might want to get more familiar with.


@abbe98 Thanks so much, I will wait for the self assessment and prepare my timeline. Is that possible I draft a timeline and send it to you for feedback before submitting my final application?

Sure! You can send it using the “message” feature here in the forum.

@abbe98 Thank you and much appreciated!

@abbe98 since my last pr got merged, can I get another issue to work upon ,I have checked out relevant issue to the conconciliation project here GSoC Outreachy 2023 Ideas · OpenRefine/OpenRefine Wiki · GitHub was thinking about this Auto-match candidates with high confidence » is deceitful and should not be pre-check #4722,what do you think?

You could, but note that the consensus of the issue is not to change the checkbox but to introduce a new preference indicating if it should be checked or not, feel free to take a stab at it anyway.

Alternatively I suggest having a look at “Double check the reconciliation manifest each time reconciliation is fired”.

Thanku so much @abbe98 but somebody is already assigned to this , could you please suggest another issue?

@antonin_d @abbe98 Hi mentors, when will the selected applicant result be announced? I saw other projects have announced. Thank you and I appreciated your consideration!

See the Outreachy schedule: accepted interns will be announced on May 4, 2023 at 4pm UTC.
(Other projects are also supposed not to announce their selection before that date.)

Yes, I think so too. I was surprised to see their announcement. Thank you! Keep working on my issues :muscle:

hey everyone, after i successfully run ./refine clean ./refine build (it shows build success and no errors),i run ./refine which then guides me to a a blank screen with OpenRefine logo, I have included some screenshots, can someone tell me where i might be going wrong?

Hi @Ayushi_Rai, if your repository is clean (without any changes of your own) then I would say it is likely that the build process failed to install some frontend dependencies, for instance because npm is not installed (but that should really halt the build process).
To debug this further, rather than screenshots of your build log, it would be helpful to have the copy of the entire build log as a text file.
You could also open the developer tools in your browser to check for any javascript errors in the console.

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hey,I tried checking for javascript errors using inspect but found none, also i cannot find a way to upload a text file here of 22 pages as only limited extensions are allowed, may i mail it to you?

Sure! Or you could also put it in a .zip file and upload it here. As you prefer.