Getting Familiar with OpenRefine

I wrote a blog post on getting familiar with OpenRefine as a new user or contributor and shared everything I’ve learned in one week on how to use it to clean up messy data and as well as my experience as an Outreachy contributor.

You can read all about it here;

@Lydiaofficial great job. That is a great write up! Weldone :clap:

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Thank you so much, @Ebere :blush:

Hey Lydia, hope your night was great.
Please have you started doing your final application for the projects you registered for?

If yes, what are steps taken

Hi Ebere, no I am yet to do that.

Ok. On the part where the question of Timeline of the project was asked. What do you think the timeline should be?

This is a Google doc template of mine from last year that will help.

You’re too kind. God bless you for this.Thank you

Oh don’t mention at all. Pleasure is mine.:pray:

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