Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in the UX internship so far.

We have now developed a more formal strategy how to handle all applications. Please refer to this guide below and try to follow it before making your final contributions.

1) Make sure you’re registered as an interested applicant on the Outreachy dashboard, so far we only have 2 official expressions of interest there.

2) Make sure to get acquainted with OpenRefine before beginning the contribution process.

3) Review existing issues on Github that have the tags UX / UI / design discussions:

If you would like to work on a particular issue please write a comment on that issue before you begin your contribution and tag me and Antonin in it (@lozanaross / @wetneb). We will then assign issues to concrete people. We would prefer that only one person works on a particular issue to avoid unnecessary sense of competition and peer pressure.

If you can’t find an unclaimed issue to work on, you can ask us (write a comment below in this thread) for an assignment.

The amount of issues you contribute to is less important than the depth of the contribution, take your time and don’t feel rushed to immediately contribute.

4) Writing new GitHub issues with concrete design suggestions for new, previously unlisted issues.

If you don’t see an issue above that you feel comfortable contributing to, you can also just make general suggestions for UX / UI improvements. Please do that in new Git issues following a similar structure to this issue: Better display of which reconciliation service a specific column is reconciled against · Issue #4824 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub (i.e. start with an explanation of what you think is the problem; then make some proposals and include images; indicate additional considerations or context).

Make sure to tag your issues with “UX”, “UI” and also the “outreachy design” label we’ve set up in GitHub for this purpose.

General notes:

  • Please be aware that OpenRefine is an open source project without full time staff. This means that even if you make excellent design contributions during the application process, we may not have capacity to develop your designs. What designs get implemented in the final product is usually driven by developer capacity, perceived need in the community (i.e. features that are needed by many users in the community get prioritised), and level of complexity or simplicity of the solution.
  • Please keep in mind that the current OpenRefine design framework is also rather limited in terms of implementing cutting edge UX patterns. OpenRefine still uses the old Google design framework (pre-Material design), so various interactions that may seem simple to implement in Angular or React are not possible to implement here, or may require significant development effort and cost/benefit analysis may preclude realisation of the design proposal.

If you have additional questions, please note them in this thread.



Thank you for this detailed information, however, I’m a little confused about the “being registered as an interested applicant om Outreachy”.

Is that different from recording contributions on the project there? Could you throw more light , please.

Hi @lozanaross how do i get registered as an interested applicant in the outreachy intern program?

Can i please be assigned an assigment to work on?
Though i made a few contributions and tagged you, but i do not know if i am on the right track. Thank you as i await your reply.

P.S. I was sent an email from outreachy as a successful applicant to make contribution on one of the project listed and i picked this but i am yet to record it using the link provided.

@Lydiaofficial You have nothing to worry about, you’re already registered. I can see you in my dashboard, but I can’t see everyone else there, hence why I wrote it in the guide.

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@Ebere I can only interact with the Outreachy dashboard as a mentor, so I don’t actually know how you can do it - but I can see that 2 other participants have already registered. Which project are you interested in actually - the UX design project or one of the development projects?

Oh. Thank you :nail_care:
I was scared for a bit there.

Another question, I created an issue and tagged @antonin_d on GitHub. The Parsing control panel issue I reported on thus forum. Do you think O should go ahead and work on it?

So I think that you are marked as registered for the project on the Outreachy dashboard after you’ve recorded a contribution there. @Ebere

At least, that’s what I did.

Thank you @lozanaross for the information, I make sure to go through the videos tutorials to better understand openrefine and go through the github issues to see which I can solve

Thank you, @lozanaross, for the information.
I have registered as an interested applicant for OpenRefine’s UX project on the Outreachy dashboard.
I’ve also requested to be assigned to an issue on GitHub https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/issues/105

Looking forward to work with the team

@Kritika Great, thanks for already proposing some ideas. We’ve assigned this issue to you. Please bear with us regarding feedback as it will take us some time to go through all individual feedback requests.

@Lydiaofficial Great, thanks for taking the initiative to propose an issue. Please bear with us regarding individual feedback as there are a lot of feedback requests to go through. I think for that particular issue @antonin_d might be better person to give go ahead than I am.

Hi, @lozanaross can you see me registered as an interested applicant?

Its the UX design project

Thanks a lot @lozanaross
No worries. I’ll continue working on the issue. I’d be happy to work on your feedback whenever I receive it.

OK, yes, I’ve now assigned you an issue as well.

Alright. Thank you very much

Thank you @ Ladyofficial

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Hi, @lozanaross can I please be assigned a design assignment to work on?

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Thank you, this is really helpful

@mansi We generally let applicants pick the tasks they want to contribute on by themselves, so that they can pick an issue which matches their own skills and interests. So I would recommend you explore the lists of issues linked in the post above and try to find something where you feel like contributing. It’s not easy by any means, but it’s part of the process.

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