Java installation

Please I am a new outreachy applicant trying to install java from as recommended in the openrefine user manual. I have downloaded the JRE version 17 fir windows but don’t know how to go about installing it. Please guide me

Oh just solved it, I only downloaded the zip file before without downloading the msn file, it happens that both needed to be downloaded for it to install. In case any designer is also facing this issue

Both are not needed. JRE packaging from adoptium for Windows is provided as either a ZIP file that you must extract and follow instructions in the README such as adding the /bin folder to your PATH etc. The MSI file will run the installer and guide you through installation of Java.

With OpenRefine for Windows, we provide 2 packages, 1 with Java included and 1 without Java included depending on user’s needs.

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Oh thank you so much

Hi, I am Jennifer an Outreachy applicant, finally found the place for java, please am a bit confused on how to start I saw something about registering for this project, I don’t know how to go about that

Hi @Amandla,
If you are looking into contributing as a designer, please see this thread: Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

If you want to contribute as a developer, see this other one: Contribution phase: instructions for developer applicants

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Thank you soo much @antonin_d