Contribution phase: instructions for developer applicants

Hi all,

Since the other thread about design Outreachy applicants is also attracting developers looking for guidance, here is a dedicated thread for those who want to apply our development projects in Outreachy.

In the contribution phase, we are asking you to tackle some issues in OpenRefine. Those issues should not be in the scope of the project you intend to apply for (since that work will happen during the internship itself). We just want to see that you are capable of tackling some smaller issues independently and that you have been able to go through the prerequisites for that, such as setting up your development environment.

We have a fairly complete guide about how to tackle your first issues in OpenRefine as a developer:

We also have a list of issues which should be appropriate for newcomers:

You are also welcome to tackle issues outside of that list if you feel like you are equipped to work on them. In any case, we cannot pick the issue for you, as we do not know which areas of OpenRefine you are familiar with and what your interests are.

When you start working on an issue, please add a comment on the issue asking to be assigned to it, so that we avoid duplication of effort.

If you are stuck, please reach out on the forum and we will try and help you to progress.
The contribution phase of Outreachy is a pretty intense period for existing OpenRefine developers as we get a lot of questions and pull requests to review, so we thank you for your patience on this.

Thank you for your contributions and good luck!


Thank you so much, let me go find an issue to fix

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Thanks a lot for the info. Let me get to work :muscle:

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Appreciate your detailed information. I will start to work on it :).

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hey @antonin_d,My name is Ayushi and i am an outreachy applicant,i wish to contribute in the project
which includes improving openrefine reconciliation,i am currently trying to set up my project.

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@antonin_d Hi Antonin, I encountered an error at the last step in Eclipse. Do you have any idea of what might be the problem? Thank you

That’s very curious. Does OpenRefine run correctly when you just use ./refine clean && ./refine in a terminal (outside of Eclipse)?

@antonin_d Thanks for your reply. This is what I got when running in the terminal.

@antonin_d I restarted my laptop and run Eclipse, then I received this message, does this mean it is successful? Because when I open in the browser, it shows the 503 error: service unavailable. Thank you

This is still very curious. Could you give us the entire log (as an attachment to your message) of the ./refine clean && ./refine build command?

hey everyone,(this is the first time i am contributing to open source so this might be a basic question),but i am unable to locate which part of the code i need to work upon while working on the issue of Waiting screen while guessing reconciliation types should be internal to the reconciliation dialog #4877,can someone please help me with this?,also is it fine if i am working in vs code rather than eclipse?

Hi @Ayushi_Rai, have you had any success with the method mentioned here:

It describes a technique that can be helpful in many open source projects, not just OpenRefine.
If you have tried it already, what keywords did you use?

And yes, you are free to use whatever IDE you prefer.

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yeah i i did try that and got slightly relevant (but large in amount)results upon using they keyword reconciliation,i tried to use types,loader and dialog keywords as well,do you have any suggestion regarding the keywords?my plan as of now is to go with the reconciliation keyword and study the code which appears .

Yes, the term you should search for should be as specific as possible to the dialog you are trying to locate. I just tried to open the dialog myself and look for a bit of text that is likely unique to this dialog. At the top of the dialog I can see “Reconcile each cell to an entity of one of these types”. Surely this is very long - it must only be part of this dialog! If I search for this string in the code base it should likely bring me to the file that defines this dialog.
Do you want to take it from there? Let me know when you get stuck.

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thanku so much…on this now.

Hi Antonin,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached the screen after running ./refine clean && ./refine build. It showed success but I can’t access, it is normal?

@sylviazzzz A screenshot is helpful but what I would really need is the complete logs as a text file. On your screenshot I can only see the last few lines of the logs and that is not sufficient to help you find the source of the problem.

It’s working now :slight_smile: because I built the project successfully but didn’t run ./refine. Now after build success, I run ./refine, it’s working fine for me. Thank you!

I think i got the part I need to make changes to, so i decided to check it using inspect OpenRefine in web browser after creating a file, but it is taking infinite time to create a file in my system, where file sizes have ranged from 17 kb to 20 mb,i tried increasing the memory till 8gb as mentioned in the instructions but no benefit from it.

hey everyone,recently i have been trying to push my commits and i have been getting the error Permission to OpenRefine/OpenRefine.git denied to ayushrai206.
fatal: unable to access ‘GitHub - OpenRefine/OpenRefine: OpenRefine is a free, open source power tool for working with messy data and improving it’: The requested URL returned error: 403…upon doing git push origin ayushiscontribution…to resolve this…i tried to clear the credentials of my computer and make an ssh key but no use…can someone please help me with this?