Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

Hey :wave: @lozanaross I’m muminraj, I would like to contribute.
Please am I registered?
I’m interested in the developement project.

Hello, @muminraj as you can see from above comments you have to record a contribution to get “registered”. Not sure which project you’re interested in, but if it’s for software development (vs design), then @antonin_d can give you more hints.

Thanks for input @Lydiaofficial - in fact this is really the point of the internship - to improve the process of how designs can be onboarded onto the project and collaborate meaningfully with developers :slight_smile: We are aware we don’t have a process at the moment, so this is what we’ll work on with the final intern that’s selected.

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It does make sense and is very well noted.
Thank you @lozanaross

@lozanaross @antonin_d Hi instructors, my name is Sylvia and I spent a few days carefully reviewed the openrefine documents and would like to apply for the " Improve OpenRefine Reconciliation" project. Can you please clarify which issue belongs to this project contribution category, so I can start making contribution now? Many thanks!

@sylviazzzz @muminraj and other developer applicants: please see this other thread instead:

Thanks @Lozanaross for the information and guidelines for the project I think it will be more helpful .

More thanks

But also I’m wondering if to record a contribution is eligible without any contribution made yet?

Alright, thanks @Lydiaofficial @lozanaross. So we must assigned to at least one issue in github, right? Can one issue assigned to more than one user there?

Hi @Ukuri_Piete , welcome :hugs:

Concerning recording contributions, you have to actually make a contribution on GitHub first because you’ll be asked to attach a link to your contribution while recording on Outreachy.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy new week, @Hertafui_D .
Yes, you can go through the GitHub issues attached to the guidelines above and leave a comment on one that interests you asking the mentors to assign it to you.

I don’ know if one can be assigned more than one issue at a time but I think it makes more sense to tackle issues one at a time, so you have enough time and concentration to research properly.

@Lydiaofficial Is it only those labeled ‘Outreachy Design’ that are allowed?

Not only but including “UX, UI and design discussions” labels . @Hertafui_D

Okay, thanks you so much! @Lydiaofficial

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Glad to be of help :hugs:

Thank you :hugs::hugs:@lydiaofficial, I’m gonna give it a try

I’m glad to help. Wish you the best of luck :hugs:

Hi @lozanaross , couple of links leading in the Google doc file attached to the above guideline you shared return a “cannot display” error everytime I click on them.

Specifically the User Research Survey of April 2022

User Research Interview of May, 2022 and,

User Research Interview of Sept-Oct 2022

They all return this error.

@Lozanaross I would like to know which GitHub link to include in the contribution URL is it the one of the issue you want to work on?

Depends on If the issue was created by you or is the direct link to your contribution.

Otherwise, I’d suggest you copy think of the comment you made (which contains your solution).

However, we can both wait and hear from the mentor.

@Lydiaofficial do we have to download openrefine ?