Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

Thank you @antonin_d . As a new user and one with no to little knowledge of data analysis and clean up, it is quite not easy grasping a lot of what’s happening or the technical jargons , mostly but the YouTube videos have been really helpful.

Hey @lozanaross how to register as an interested applicant on the Outreachy dashboard? I don’t see any button or explaination there. Thanks!

Hi @Hertafui_D , you have to record a contribution to the Openrefine project of your choice on your Outreachy dashboard to be seen as a registered applicant on the mentor’s dashboard.

I hope this helps :hugs:.

@Lydiaofficial I’m not sure, I thought it was for proof of contribution record, but I haven’t contributed anything yet, so do I have to contribute first and then register?

@Hertafui_D There is no such button to register as an applicant until you have recorded a contribution to the project. Your contribution makes you eligible to create a final application.

Right now, you only need to record a contribution to the project.

Hey :wave: @lozanaross I’m muminraj, I would like to contribute.
Please am I registered?
I’m interested in the developement project.

Hello, @muminraj as you can see from above comments you have to record a contribution to get “registered”. Not sure which project you’re interested in, but if it’s for software development (vs design), then @antonin_d can give you more hints.

Thanks for input @Lydiaofficial - in fact this is really the point of the internship - to improve the process of how designs can be onboarded onto the project and collaborate meaningfully with developers :slight_smile: We are aware we don’t have a process at the moment, so this is what we’ll work on with the final intern that’s selected.

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It does make sense and is very well noted.
Thank you @lozanaross

@lozanaross @antonin_d Hi instructors, my name is Sylvia and I spent a few days carefully reviewed the openrefine documents and would like to apply for the " Improve OpenRefine Reconciliation" project. Can you please clarify which issue belongs to this project contribution category, so I can start making contribution now? Many thanks!

@sylviazzzz @muminraj and other developer applicants: please see this other thread instead:

Thanks @Lozanaross for the information and guidelines for the project I think it will be more helpful .

More thanks

But also I’m wondering if to record a contribution is eligible without any contribution made yet?

Alright, thanks @Lydiaofficial @lozanaross. So we must assigned to at least one issue in github, right? Can one issue assigned to more than one user there?

Hi @Ukuri_Piete , welcome :hugs:

Concerning recording contributions, you have to actually make a contribution on GitHub first because you’ll be asked to attach a link to your contribution while recording on Outreachy.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy new week, @Hertafui_D .
Yes, you can go through the GitHub issues attached to the guidelines above and leave a comment on one that interests you asking the mentors to assign it to you.

I don’ know if one can be assigned more than one issue at a time but I think it makes more sense to tackle issues one at a time, so you have enough time and concentration to research properly.

@Lydiaofficial Is it only those labeled ‘Outreachy Design’ that are allowed?

Not only but including “UX, UI and design discussions” labels . @Hertafui_D

Okay, thanks you so much! @Lydiaofficial

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Glad to be of help :hugs:

Thank you :hugs::hugs:@lydiaofficial, I’m gonna give it a try