Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

I’m glad to help. Wish you the best of luck :hugs:

Hi @lozanaross , couple of links leading in the Google doc file attached to the above guideline you shared return a “cannot display” error everytime I click on them.

Specifically the User Research Survey of April 2022

User Research Interview of May, 2022 and,

User Research Interview of Sept-Oct 2022

They all return this error.

@Lozanaross I would like to know which GitHub link to include in the contribution URL is it the one of the issue you want to work on?

Depends on If the issue was created by you or is the direct link to your contribution.

Otherwise, I’d suggest you copy think of the comment you made (which contains your solution).

However, we can both wait and hear from the mentor.

@Lydiaofficial do we have to download openrefine ?

@Ukuri_Piete Yes, you do.
It is important to use the app yourself. Getting familiar with OpenRefine is generally the fist thing yo should do because otherwise, you will struggle to understand the issues on GitHub and you can’t contribute to it’s improvement and workflow if you don’t know what it does and how it does it.

Maybe go through this guideline again, read the Openrefine manual/tutorials, watch the YouTube videos.

If you need any help, we are here for each other.

@Lydiaofficial I appreciate the help you provided thank you

I can actually access the files, try refreshing your page

Hello, have you been able to download openrefine, note an updated version was pushed about 3 days ago. I would advise downloading from openrefine repo on github

thank you @Yemi_Odeyemi let me check

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I can now, albeit on windows.
Still doesn’t open on Android.

Ok nice, i opened it on android though. Maybe there is a different issue as to why it wasnt on your phone

Hey designers, if you are struggling to find issues where to contribute, I just opened three of them which are more oriented towards visual style (rather than product design):

I hope that those could require generally less familiarity with the tool (although it’s of course better if you can at least find your way to the relevant bit of UI and have an understanding of what it is used for).
They can also be good first steps towards the internship subject itself, since they will encourage you to identify the design patterns that tend to be used across the UI of the tool.


Thanks, this should help

Hi, @lozanaross, @antonin_d I have been able to come up with a drafted solution to the issue i was assigned to.

Here’s a link to the suggested solution on figma

Here is a screenshot of the suggested solution… your feedback would be very much appreciated.Thank you.

Could you rather post this on the relevant issue? We should ideally keep that discussion there. Thanks!

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Hi, @lozanaross i have worked on the issue that was assigned to me. I will be very grateful if it gets reviewed and i get a feedback. Thank you.

Dear all,

As the contribution period is slowly coming to an end, I wanted to post an update here.

Due to the high volume of applications, I’ve now closed the project to new contributors. However, if you’re in this thread and have already started a contribution, don’t worry - you’ll have a chance to finish / submit it.

With regards to final contribution, I want to stress that it is not the volume or quantity of how many issues you’ve recorded on GitHub that will be deciding factor.

If you have already contributed to at least 1 issue on GitHub, that’s enough – you don’t have to keep contributing to more (unless you want to and have the free time). If you’re still waiting on feedback, please be patient - we will provide feedback when we have a chance to do so. Many issues are rather complex and we don’t expect you to come up with final solutions in any case, we just want to see how everyone is able to navigate the project.

As a final contribution, I would like to ask everyone who is still interested in the internship position to write a short paragraph about your experience so far (i.e. how was your experience navigating project documentation and using Github) and include a short proposal how you envision a good onboarding process for designers to work. Please don’t feel like you have to write a long text. 300-500 words will be enough. This is just going to make it easier for us to pick the final candidate. You should be able to submit this text via the Outreachy dashboard along with your final contribution, if you can’t - you can also email it to me. (Please don’t send messages via SMS or Whats app).

Any questions, please respond in this thread.



Hi @Lydiaofficial, I would ask you to remove your proposal from the Forum thread. The assignment, as specified in my post above, is that everyone submits a plan / vision privately - via the Outreachy dashboard - then myself and the OpenRefine team will use this to evaluate and choose the successful candidate.

To be perfectly clear - there is only 1 internship placement available and myself and the OpenRefine team are supposed to pick 1 person out of all the candidates who are present in this Forum thread.

I sincerely apologize for that. @lozanaross and have removed it. I guess I should have asked a question first as Outreachy says to work with our mentor to come up with a project timeline.

My apologies, once more :pray:.