Outreachy design Internship 2023

Hello! This is Anusha, a sophomore from IIT Roorkee. I want to contribute as a designer in OpenRefine in Outreachy. Please guide me on how to get started

Hi @summer,

Thanks for your interest! We are still in the process of improving documentation for new design contributors, so I apologize for the lack of info so far. This is the thread where we have been discussing how best to do this (your input is welcome):

What I would recommend for now is that you first get acquainted with OpenRefine as a user (if that is not the case already): you could watch/read some tutorials about it and use it on a dataset you are familiar with.

Perhaps in that process you already encounter things that are counter-intuitive for you, workflows that could be improved, interfaces that could be made clearer… if that is the case, it is super useful if you give us this feedback. It could be on this forum (for instance in the Support category if you are not sure about something), or you could file a GitHub Issue directly.

If nothing catches your designer eye after using OpenRefine for a bit, then you could look at those issues that others identified:

Those are issues where it would be useful to have a designer propose a particular bit of user interface to address the need. You could pick one and propose something there, for instance with mock screenshots made with the tool of your choice, or describing the desired interface in any way you like.

Does that help?


This sure helps a lot, I will first interact with openrefine interface then thanks

Thanks, this helps a lot.

@mansi thank you fir explaining this, i will get acquainted with open refine space first

Thanks alot @antonin_d Would familiarize myself with Openrefine first. and would definitely file a Github issue for any design feedback.

Thank you @antonin_d . This is immensely helpful information.

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This definitely helps. I am currently going through the tutorial and will eventually interact with the openrefine interface when am done. Thank you

Thanks alot @antonin_d for taking your time to explain how we can get started

Can you also tell us how we can get mentor’s to review our contributions

Hi @antonin_d , I made a contribution to the Delete multiple projects issue on GitHub here Delete multiple projects at once · Issue #4965 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub and if you have the time, I’d really appreciate some feedback on it.

I also do have a question. While recording a contribution on Outreachy and under the “Contribution link” section, they mention that the link could be a GitHub/GitLab issue or pull request. However, my contribution is under a GitHub issue as a GitHub comment.

Is it alright to submit that (comment link) as a contribution link?

Thank you so much. It is helpful

My name is Franklyn Ezeugonna. I am also an outreachy applicant, I am a JavaScript developer. I am excited to be joining this community and look forward to connecting with other developers who share same passion.
I am really excited to be contributing to my first open source project.

Thank you @antonin_d for this

Welcome Franklyn. You’ll also collaborate with designers, or no? :new_moon_with_face:

Don’t deny us your sauce.

@Lydiaofficial thanks for your contribution! Yes, submitting a link to the issue is good. Or even a link to your issue comment (as you did here) to be more precise.

Thank you so much :blush:. This is very helpful.

Dear all, please check the new welcoming post for the design internship here > Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants