Create Project not listed in Undo / Redo history

I am importing a text file to create a project. The project is correctly created, but the step "0. Create project" is not shown in the Undo / Redo list. Subsequently I cannot apply Json procedures to change my data.
I have seen this once before in version 3.6, but it was not reproduced. I am now using 3.8 beta 1 (Windows 10 installer used), browsers Opera and Firefox latest versions.

Hello @wgb and sorry for the slow answer.

After creating the project, there is no step 0 displayed. The button to apply a set of operations in JSON format is located under the information message

If the buttons are not present on our side, can you share a screenshot and any error message you may see in the developer console (you can do right click Inspect (Q) and then Console in Firefox)

I now found out that if I do an operation directly in the table area, the 0 step and the operation is applied. Afterwords I can use my json routines, but apparently only one-by-one.
To further illustrate the case
THis is what shows if I use the Extact button
(Have to answer in 3 parts, only one upload permitted)

When I use Apply and insert my routine and Perform operations the window closes but nothing happens (The function works when I had the 0 step)

I arrive at the same state as in hte beginning:

Ì don't see any errors in Opera's Console.

Thank you for the details. Is it possible to share your dataset and JSON operation file? This will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Hello. I am following this up - a colleague has pointed out that this all may be an issue of case sensitivity in OpenRefine.
Nevertheless - in earlier versions I always had a step 0 created when I started a project by importing a table. This seems to be different now, which led me to believe that it is the source of my problem.
Will let you know if the case sensitivity was really the problem.
Thank you!

It indeed simply was a problem of column header case sensitivity.

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